Our resources


Golgah is a reliable and trustworthy business partner well-known for its professional business conduct.
Proofs to our brand value:

– Market leadership in specific products*
– Long term relations with suppliers and customers
– Extend and diversity of our customer base

* Aluminum sulfate and Polyaluminium Chloride

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Human resource

Our colleagues are main driver to our success.
Office Staff: 10
Factory Staff: 25
Expertise and experience areas: Business development, Project management, factory construction and operation, Trade


We rely on our customers for enhancing the quality of our products, services and internal processes. Customers are the important source of product and business development initiatives in Golgah.


A reliable network of local and global suppliers of products and services guarantees our performance. Our suppliers are selected out of screening and evaluation processes.

Business partners

Competitors, providers of complementary products and services; consulting and O&M firms in water and wastewater industry; labs, logistic companies and insurance companies

Production Facilities

  • Aluminium Sulfate production line; 30 tons per day; Established 1994
  • Sulfuric Acid production line; 60 tons per day; Established 2003
  • Dozing facilities; 24 tons per day; Established 2009
  • Ferrous Sulfate production line; 10 tons per day; 2018


The network of partners expands continuously at Golgah. In case you see any little chance to collaborate or share, you are always welcome here.