Who we are?

water and wastewater treatment products and services

Golgah Co. is a private owned company established in 1994 with the mission of compensating the national shortage of Aluminum Sulfate.
Golgah Co. has been developing on the basis of local production and so far, has introduced 4 products to local and regional markets.
Our priority has been maximizing customer value through on-time delivery, rapid supply, ensured product quality, and competitive price.
Golgah provides chemical solutions in three basic domains:

Golgah is top supplier of Aluminium Sulfate, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Polyacrylamide, and Sulfuric Acid

  • We produce chemicals
  • We trade chemicals
  • We provide aftersales services for our products

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What we do?

We produce Aluminium Sulfate 17%, Ferrous Sulfate 20%, Sulfuric Acid 98%, Liquid Polyaluminium Chloride,and Liquid Aluminium Sulfate.

We also offer aftersales services mainly for optimizing the consumption rate of our products.


  • Providing Chemical solutions


  • Become a TEEX (Top Exemplary Exporters) member
  • Offering engineering and aftersales services in water and wastewater treatment sector


  • Our values and commitments precede our benefits
  • We show utmost effort and flexibility for providing solutions for customers’ needs
  • We serve end-user as first priority customer.
  • We commit to protect the interests of our stakeholders
  • We value transparency, integrity, and commitment to professional & moral business conduct.
  • We are committed to sustainable development based on environment friendly and social responsible measures.


  • International expansion: Permanent sales in 3 export markets
  • Partnership: Independent investment or joint venture for export focused production
  • Market diversity: expanding current products and services to new markets and developing new services related to available products and applications
  • Operational excellence